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Welcome To South Asian Water Studies!

South Asia is the home of over 1.5 billion people, living in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. If there is a single most important issue that marks bilateral relations among the countries of the subcontinent, water is a good candidate. Water connects the whole of South Asia historically and geographically and binds the countries of the region. Simultaneously, contentious issues of cross-border water distribution, utilization, management and mega irrigation/hydro-electric power projects are gradually taking centre-stage in interstate relations as water scarcity increases and both drought and floods make life too often miserable.


SAWAS aims to provide space for creative and free thinking on water, fostering debate, eliciting innovative alternatives, promoting original analyses and constructive critiques.

Guide for Authors

The articles, opinions and book reviews should be written preferably in English. Authors with English as a second language may choose to have their manuscripts professionally edited before submission to improve the English, as papers with poor expression will not be accepted.

Guidelines for Authors