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Special Issue: Water, Gender And Disability

Edited By: Alan Nicol, Sylvie Cordier And Floriane Clement

Volume 7, Issue1, 2017

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Original Articles
Planning for inclusion: exploring access to WASH for women and men with disabilities in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka

Clare Hanley, Tarryn Brown, Naomi Niroshinie Nayagam, Vellayan Subramaniam, Samantha De Mel, Arunasalam Sureshkumar
Article 1 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (260 downloads)

Breaking down Barriers: Gender and Disability in Access to Agricultural Water Management in Nepal

Otto Max Hoffmann, Saroj Yakami, Dr. Shiva Chandra Dhakal
Article 2 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (184 downloads)

The Gender Gap between Water Management and Water Users: Evidence from Southwest Bangladesh

Marie-Charlotte Buisson, Jayne Curnow, Farhat Naz
Article 3 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (259 downloads)

Are policies enough to mainstream Gender in water and sanitation programs? Experiences from community managed drinking water supply schemes in India

Snehalatha Mekala
Article 4 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (236 downloads)

Engendering Change: Overcoming Difference and Disability

Sara Ahmed
Commentary 1 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (179 downloads)

Book Reviews
Gender Issues in Water and Sanitation Programmes: Lessons from India

Stephanie Leder
Book Review 1 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (240 downloads)

Disability and Disaster: What is the link?

Hannah Kuper
Book Review 2 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (156 downloads)

Karhera – A Photo Book

Nivedita Mani
Book Review 3 - SAWAS 7(1), 2017 (166 downloads)